Healthy Lifestyle Commencing in 3… 2… 1!


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~Amy Lou



2 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle Commencing in 3… 2… 1!

  1. I definitely understand what you’re saying. I’m really small petite and when I tell people I want to be healthy, they get so angry. I may be small, but I also get winded walking up a flight of stairs, so I’m definitely ready to change my diet and lifestyle. I look forward to your future posts.


    • Oh my goodness ME TOO! I get winded SO easy! It’s amazing how so many people think that if a person is skinny then they don’t need to change anything but it doesn’t mean we are healthy or in shape! Some are of course, but not all! I’m glad you are looking forward to getting healthy also! I hope I can help inspire you with my posts! And maybe we can both help keep each other going! 🙂


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