St. Patrick’s Day Feast!

Well it is officially St. Patrick’s day! I have not planned any fun activities to do pertaining to St. Patty’s since my daughter is still too young to enjoy… but I can’t WAIT till next year! I LIVE for doing all of those fun themed activities! I swear that’s the reason I wanted to be a teacher and a mother! ;D Can you blame me?! There is SO much fun to be had on holidays!

So since I won’t be doing any activities I figured I would at least do some simple green foods I could whip up easily! So for lunch (and probably leftovers for dinner!) I made some creamy and chunky broccoli soup from my Momma’s recipe. I even added some carrot pieces as my pieces of gold from the end of the rainbow! To go with it I baked some crescent rolls and sliced some ham. It was very delicious!



I also whipped up some pistachio pudding I forgot I had in the cabinet until I cleaned and reorganized them yesterday! To top off the pudding I added some whipped cream and sprinkles to make it festive!



To be honest, it had been years since I had pistachio pudding and I forgot how much I like it! And it was just festive enough to make me happy yet it was SO simple!

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day today! And let me know if you have any other quick and easy green ideas prepared for today! I’d love to hear them!

~Amy Lou




Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! I hope you all remember to wear your green to prevent yourself from coming home covered in bruises! 😉 I’ve been very busy lately so I haven’t prepared anything of my own to share for St. Patrick’s day BUT I want to share some other great things that I have found! I’ve been perusing online for the best of the best and here is what I have found! I put it all together into one post for you for this SHAMROCK SHARE!  I hope you enjoy!

shamrock snack mix

Isn’t this the cutest and most festive snack mix you have ever seen?! I just LOVE it! I found this at Julie’s Eats and Treats! Just go here to learn how to make it yourself!

I also found this adorable rainbow cloud cake at Julie’s Eats and Treats as well! Her stuff is all so cute! Here is also the link to learn how easy this cake is to make!

shamrock rainbow cake

Next, are some super cute pot of gold cookies from What’s Cooking, Love? Wouldn’t these cookies go great with the rainbow cake?! I can just see them at the end of the rainbow as the pot of gold! (At least that’s what I would do with these two darling desserts!)

shamrock gold cookies

And here is the link to check out how to make these awesome cookies! 

Now I have another that lists a whole slew of great St. Patrick’s day desserts from The Little Red Window! Check it out here!

There are SO many cute ones all together here it would be hard to choose! Good luck! 🙂

shamrock dessert

Alright, I think that is enough sweets for one day! If you have kids, holidays like these can be SO MUCH fun! So here are a couple of fun things to do with kids!

This first one has a whole list of activities but I especially wanted to share this shamrock hat made from a paper plate!

shamrock hat

Find this whole list here!

Now, after the kids have made their shamrock hats to wear you can send them on their way for a “pot of gold” treasure hunt! Check out some scavenger hunt ideas over at Mess For Less! Here is their link!

shamrock scaveng

I thought the “treasure hunt” idea was a great one for St. Patty’s day! I will definitely be using this idea when my daughter gets older! Seems like so much fun! After all of that running around searching and a ton of sweets I’m sure the kids will be be thirsty and ready for a drink! And you might be ready for a “drink” too! 😉 So here are a few drink options for all of you! Found over at The Weary Chef! Check out all of these festive drinks here!

They’ve got it all! Cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, and more! You are sure to find something you love!

shamrock drinks

WHEW! So many great things you can do and eat on holidays like these! I hope you all found something that you like also and decide to give it a whirl! If you try any of these ideas let me know how they go for you! I would love to hear about it! The good, the bad, and even the ugly! (I’ll bet everyone’s turns out great though!) Well, that’s all for now and I hope you all have a lucky day on St. Patty’s Day!

~Amy Lou

Tuttie Fruitie Mania, Money Follow up!


Now that I posted my recipe for my tuttie fruitie smoothie and also how I prepare them to save myself time I would like to explain the money saving aspect to this article! Here is an itemized list of what these items typically cost:

Large bag of frozen fruit- $8.77

Small bag of berries- $3.88

2nd small bag of berries- $2.96

Frozen chopped spinach- $1.48 x 2

Bunch of bananas (about 6)- $1.47

Kiwis (also 6)- $2.10

All of these items together equals $22.14

Now if I take that total of $22.14 that would be spent on the fruit and divide it by 30 since that is how many individual baggies we got out of it, it comes to approximately .73 cents per baggie! But then we also need to take into account the juice and yogurt that also goes into each smoothie. You can typically get a 64 ounce container of juice for about $2.00 and the yoplait yogurt is .55 cents each. I use about 4 ounces of juice per smoothie so if I divide the cost of the juice per smoothie it comes to about .12 cents worth of juice in each smoothie! All together we have –

.73 cents for our baggie of fruit,

.55 cents for our yogurt,

and .12 cents for our juice,

which comes to $1.40 per smoothie!

If you go buy a smoothie through the drive-thru somewhere you will pay around $4 a piece! Imagine if you wanted to have a fruit smoothie every day! At THAT price it would cost you $120 by the end of the month! But if you make your own you are looking at only $42 a month! That’s a HUGE savings! AND you know exactly what has been added to your smoothie! That’s an extra bonus!


Now I also want to point out that if you would like to save even more and get the price of these smoothies even LOWER you can utilize coupons, store sales, and off brand products as opposed to more expensive name brands!

You may have noticed the difference between the two bags of berries listed above? One was name brand and the other was off-brand. (I chose to skimp on the savings that time in order to compare what is included in each respectively so I would know next time which is worth it. I will definitely get the one that did not have strawberries since I had plenty of those in the big bag.) Also you can get the off-brand of yogurt instead of yoplait and save some there, etc. I actually caught some great deals on some of the items that I bought this time that will make mine even cheaper than the amounts listed above! I got my bananas on sale so they were .29 cents a pound instead of .49 cents a pound. I got 3 pounds so I got them for .87 cents instead of $1.47! I also caught a sale on my yogurt this week so yoplait yogurt is .39 cents a piece instead of .55 cents a piece! And then I used a coupon from that I printed that was an additional .40 cents off of 6! So as you can see there are MANY ways to save money and get things much cheaper than we would normally pay! You just have to keep your eyes open to prices and minds open to new ideas! Good luck if you decide to prepare your own smoothies! And let me know if you do, if you find any other great deals to save more, or how you change up your smoothie flavors! I would love to know!

~Amy Lou


Tuttie Fruitie Smoothie Mania!



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