Ch, Ch, Ch, CHANGES!

Please be patient with me! I realize I haven’t posted anything lately but I am in the process of switching this blog to it’s own website and changing the layout! I also have a huge paper due this week AND I agreed to have a yard sale with a friend this weekend, so I am trying to go through everything in the house! Yikes! Busy week! So I won’t be doing any new posts until I get the new site up and running and everything new will be posted there! I hope you all come check it out when I get it done! 🙂

~Amy Lou


Welcome Spring! Come on in and stay a while!

springI am SO excited that today is the OFFICIAL first day of spring! It is one of my favorite seasons of the year! Especially since I hate the cold, it is such a nice welcome change to finally have warm weather all the time again! Unfortunately just because it is the “first day of spring” doesn’t mean that it is our “first spring day”! OR that it will continue to be spring from here on out!


Our weather here in southern Missouri is a beautiful, sunny, mid 60’s! The PERFECT weather for the first day of spring! However they are calling for some light snow possibly on Saturday… uggh! I’m just ready for spring to be here to stay! Any of you out there having a cold and nasty first day of spring? Maybe like this one pictured below? Lol!


I am SO glad that’s not what it looks like outside of my house right now! I have plans to take my daughter to the park this afternoon after her nap! We are going to meet a friend of mine and her two sons and we are going to fully enjoy the wonderful weather now that it is here!

By the way I found a post from Money Saving Mom letting everyone know that you can get a free italian ice today, for the first day of spring, from noon-9pm at Rita’s Ice! If we had one here I would totally be going to get one to enjoy while we are at the park! Maybe I will have to swing by Sonic’s Happy Hour for a half price real fruit slush! If you would like to check if you have a Rita’s near you here is the link to their site for locations and other offers you may be interested in!


Well, that’s it for now! I am going to shut off this computer and spend my day enjoying the beautiful sunshine and my sweet daughter! Plus a few craft projects while she naps probably! 😉 I hope everyone has a gorgeous day today also! Happy Spring!


This is exactly how I feel today too Snoopy! I hope you all enjoy also!

~Amy Lou

Busy, Busy, Crafting!

Well it seems that even though my spring break is over and my graduate courses are full force ahead once again, I still am only in the mood for the fun crafting and organizing I have been doing this past week! So for the last couple of days all of my spare time after homework (and taking care of my baby girl of course!) have consisted of some major crafting projects! I’ve been having a blast! I don’t have all of the projects fully done so I’m not going to spoil them right now! I have to run to the store to grab a couple of things I need and then some of it should be posted tomorrow! Here is a little teaser photo for one of the projects I am making to sell at The Bleau Barn in Ozark, MO.


I’ve also been working on rearranging and slightly redecorating my daughter’s room. She has always LOVED her swing and would frequently only take a nap if she was in her swing but we have slowly been not using it anymore since she is getting older now. Which is a really great thing that she doesn’t really need it now since I went ahead and put her in it a few days ago and the motor quit! Apparently she is too heavy for it now! Kinda stinks because it was a great swing and I planned on keeping it for any other kids we have later on but I guess I won’t be keeping it now! Oh well, it gave me a great reason to get it out of the way in her room and move in her new toy box I’ve been dying to put in her room and use! And by “new” I mean new to us since I found it at a thrift store for $8!!! I was stoked because I had been keeping an eye out for a good one on craigslist and most of them on there were about $40 on average! I was looking to spend about $20 so I was excited to only pay $8! I haven’t decided yet if I am going to use it as is or do a little painting on it so we will see! I should be done with all of my changes in her room in a few days and I will post pics of it then! In the meantime here are a couple of cute teasers from her room also!



Alright, that’s enough sneak peaks for now! More full project photos when I get them completed! Until then, everyone have a great day!

~Amy Lou

Healthy Lifestyle Commencing in 3… 2… 1!


health 2

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~Amy Lou


A new year, a new me! Sooner rather than later!

start sign

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~Amy Lou