Chevron Room Decor!

I finished one of my projects from last week, and was going to post it a few days ago but I ended up going out of town for the weekend. We went and visited family back home so I went a little off the grid and didn’t get online while we were gone. There isn’t much cell signal or internet there so it’s pretty easy to go technology free for a few days! (Sometimes without a choice!) So now that I am back to the real world I can go ahead and post the pictures of my project! I hope you like them!

Chevron picture frames handcrafted and found at Adventures of Amy Lou!

This was one of those projects that was just so easy a monkey could do it! But I understand not everyone has the time! In any case if you do decide to try this on your own here is a little explanation of what I did! I had the large frame just lying around with my craft stuff, so I went and bought the smaller frames at the dollar store ($1 a piece), got some chevron fabric from my favorite fabric store ever (FM Stores in Springfield, MO! I LOVE mom and pop shops! Support local businesses!), got some spray paint, and then I grabbed some cardboard I had set aside for crafts, some hot glue, scissors, and ruler, and I was GOOD TO GO! I went to town measuring the placement for the cutouts where the frames would go on the cardboard background so you can still take the back off and put the picture in it. After I cut my holes I hot glued the fabric onto the cardboard. Of course you can use any print you like but I just LOVE chevron right now! I spray painted some of the frames and left the others black. After they dried I glued on just the frame part over the edges of the hole and then assembled the back of the frames back on and placed the large cardboard piece inside of the large frame and VOILA! Cute and fashionable decor for only a few dollars! I only used a couple of dollars worth of my fabric, plus spent around $3 on spray paint, and $6 on the small frames! So this project only cost me about $10-$12 total! Pretty great considering if you bought something like these at a retail store there’s no telling what you would pay! Maybe $15 a piece for the two small ones and say $30 for the large one?! You’re looking at about 60 bucks if you buy this instead of doing it yourself! Just think of all of the other cute things you could spend your extra money on to decorate your room from what you save by doing it yourself! Good luck doing this yourself! It really was simple and fun!

~Amy Lou


Busy, Busy, Crafting!

Well it seems that even though my spring break is over and my graduate courses are full force ahead once again, I still am only in the mood for the fun crafting and organizing I have been doing this past week! So for the last couple of days all of my spare time after homework (and taking care of my baby girl of course!) have consisted of some major crafting projects! I’ve been having a blast! I don’t have all of the projects fully done so I’m not going to spoil them right now! I have to run to the store to grab a couple of things I need and then some of it should be posted tomorrow! Here is a little teaser photo for one of the projects I am making to sell at The Bleau Barn in Ozark, MO.


I’ve also been working on rearranging and slightly redecorating my daughter’s room. She has always LOVED her swing and would frequently only take a nap if she was in her swing but we have slowly been not using it anymore since she is getting older now. Which is a really great thing that she doesn’t really need it now since I went ahead and put her in it a few days ago and the motor quit! Apparently she is too heavy for it now! Kinda stinks because it was a great swing and I planned on keeping it for any other kids we have later on but I guess I won’t be keeping it now! Oh well, it gave me a great reason to get it out of the way in her room and move in her new toy box I’ve been dying to put in her room and use! And by “new” I mean new to us since I found it at a thrift store for $8!!! I was stoked because I had been keeping an eye out for a good one on craigslist and most of them on there were about $40 on average! I was looking to spend about $20 so I was excited to only pay $8! I haven’t decided yet if I am going to use it as is or do a little painting on it so we will see! I should be done with all of my changes in her room in a few days and I will post pics of it then! In the meantime here are a couple of cute teasers from her room also!



Alright, that’s enough sneak peaks for now! More full project photos when I get them completed! Until then, everyone have a great day!

~Amy Lou

Tuttie Fruitie Mania, Money Follow up!


Now that I posted my recipe for my tuttie fruitie smoothie and also how I prepare them to save myself time I would like to explain the money saving aspect to this article! Here is an itemized list of what these items typically cost:

Large bag of frozen fruit- $8.77

Small bag of berries- $3.88

2nd small bag of berries- $2.96

Frozen chopped spinach- $1.48 x 2

Bunch of bananas (about 6)- $1.47

Kiwis (also 6)- $2.10

All of these items together equals $22.14

Now if I take that total of $22.14 that would be spent on the fruit and divide it by 30 since that is how many individual baggies we got out of it, it comes to approximately .73 cents per baggie! But then we also need to take into account the juice and yogurt that also goes into each smoothie. You can typically get a 64 ounce container of juice for about $2.00 and the yoplait yogurt is .55 cents each. I use about 4 ounces of juice per smoothie so if I divide the cost of the juice per smoothie it comes to about .12 cents worth of juice in each smoothie! All together we have –

.73 cents for our baggie of fruit,

.55 cents for our yogurt,

and .12 cents for our juice,

which comes to $1.40 per smoothie!

If you go buy a smoothie through the drive-thru somewhere you will pay around $4 a piece! Imagine if you wanted to have a fruit smoothie every day! At THAT price it would cost you $120 by the end of the month! But if you make your own you are looking at only $42 a month! That’s a HUGE savings! AND you know exactly what has been added to your smoothie! That’s an extra bonus!


Now I also want to point out that if you would like to save even more and get the price of these smoothies even LOWER you can utilize coupons, store sales, and off brand products as opposed to more expensive name brands!

You may have noticed the difference between the two bags of berries listed above? One was name brand and the other was off-brand. (I chose to skimp on the savings that time in order to compare what is included in each respectively so I would know next time which is worth it. I will definitely get the one that did not have strawberries since I had plenty of those in the big bag.) Also you can get the off-brand of yogurt instead of yoplait and save some there, etc. I actually caught some great deals on some of the items that I bought this time that will make mine even cheaper than the amounts listed above! I got my bananas on sale so they were .29 cents a pound instead of .49 cents a pound. I got 3 pounds so I got them for .87 cents instead of $1.47! I also caught a sale on my yogurt this week so yoplait yogurt is .39 cents a piece instead of .55 cents a piece! And then I used a coupon from that I printed that was an additional .40 cents off of 6! So as you can see there are MANY ways to save money and get things much cheaper than we would normally pay! You just have to keep your eyes open to prices and minds open to new ideas! Good luck if you decide to prepare your own smoothies! And let me know if you do, if you find any other great deals to save more, or how you change up your smoothie flavors! I would love to know!

~Amy Lou