Home Entry-way Organization!


Do you have too much clutter as soon as you enter your house? The kids (and hubby?) just drop everything when they walk in the door? Well I know I used to! Up until I added some organization at my entry-way to ensure that everything in our hands when we walk in has it’s place right where we need it! At the front door! I know this isn’t a new idea but I know some people do like fresh ideas for accomplishing this! I know I did! So to get started I thought about the things that we usually have in our hands when we walk in that need a place instead of getting set down just anywhere and making a mess or getting lost. Keys. Purse. Wallet. Mail. Jackets. Scarves. Umbrella. Okay I’ve got my check list, now to find some ways to organize these! I had these small cube shelves already so I gave them a paint job to clean them up and make them POP with color! (Can you tell I like bright colors in my home? The color palette in my living room is black, white, grey, and accents of lime green!) We use these cubes for keys usually. We both put our keys in one of them when we come in and this way we always know exactly where they are when we go back out! No searching, and out of reach of the little one who loves to hide things like this! 😉 My boyfriend will put his wallet in one of these cubes frequently also. (He wasn’t home when I took the pic so only mine are pictured.)


I also found this great 3 slot wall hanging organizer on clearance at Target! It was perfect for my mail organizer! This way mail can be dropped in and sorted later. I also have a few other things in it. I keep blank envelopes and a blank notepad in the front pocket. Then we have invoice sheets my boyfriend uses for work on a weekly basis so this keeps them handy for him. And then in the back I have my organization binder that I use for bills! (More on that in a minute.)


I also added a coat hook that I got at Wal-Mart (I believe…). So it is really great for hanging my purse right by the door for easy access when I’m leaving. Also jackets, coats, and scarves can be taken off and not thrown on the couch or over a chair, cluttering up the house! And I keep an umbrella hanging here for easy access as well! I have had all of this organized this way for about a year and I LOVE it! It really does make things much easier when coming and going! I don’t know about any of you but I always had a problem with putting my keys in a different place every time and never knowing where they were when I needed to leave! (Which MIGHT have resulted in being late a time or two….) BUT I don’t have that problem anymore! 😀

Now, I mentioned earlier about my bills organization binder. I’ve been using it over a year or so now too and it has helped me a great deal with remembering when bills are due and always knowing where my current bill is!

DSC_0527 1b

When bills come in the mail they get placed in the holder by the door and then when I get a chance I file them into my binder. In this binder it has sleeves that you can slide papers into and then in front of each sleeve is a pocket. I found it at Wal-Mart also. It is very handy because I typically put the bill into the sleeve in front of the last bill and I put the envelope they send for mailing payment, into the pocket in front of the bill. It looks like this on the inside- (Don’t worry I blurred out my private info!)


Each bill has it’s own sleeve it goes into along with the other past bills. So there is a sleeve for mortgage, internet, electric, water, etc. I have them in order of when they are due. So mortgage due on the 1st is on the first page, and the bills due at the end of the month are at the back, etc. I had an extra pocket on the back of one of the sleeves that I keep a couple of extra things in. I have stamps, self addressed label stickers, and an old voided check. Of course the first two items make it easy for me to prepare any bills I need to mail. I typically call in most of my bills with my debit card though. BUT I have the voided check in there also just in case I need to pay a bill over the phone and it happens to be a super nasty, rainy day, (or I’m just feeling lazy) and I don’t want to walk out to the car to get my wallet with my debit card in it. I typically always bring it in but occasionally when my arms are full I don’t bother… and that always seems to be the day that I need it inside for something! So having that voided check to use the routing and account number has saved me trouble multiple times!


So there you have it! This is just one of the ways that I have organized a few things in my home to save some sanity! I hope some of my methods will help out some of you also! Next I will show you the calendar I use to also help me remember when bills are due as well as other things to remember! So until next time, good luck with your own organization projects!

~Amy Lou