Chevron Room Decor!

I finished one of my projects from last week, and was going to post it a few days ago but I ended up going out of town for the weekend. We went and visited family back home so I went a little off the grid and didn’t get online while we were gone. There isn’t much cell signal or internet there so it’s pretty easy to go technology free for a few days! (Sometimes without a choice!) So now that I am back to the real world I can go ahead and post the pictures of my project! I hope you like them!

Chevron picture frames handcrafted and found at Adventures of Amy Lou!

This was one of those projects that was just so easy a monkey could do it! But I understand not everyone has the time! In any case if you do decide to try this on your own here is a little explanation of what I did! I had the large frame just lying around with my craft stuff, so I went and bought the smaller frames at the dollar store ($1 a piece), got some chevron fabric from my favorite fabric store ever (FM Stores in Springfield, MO! I LOVE mom and pop shops! Support local businesses!), got some spray paint, and then I grabbed some cardboard I had set aside for crafts, some hot glue, scissors, and ruler, and I was GOOD TO GO! I went to town measuring the placement for the cutouts where the frames would go on the cardboard background so you can still take the back off and put the picture in it. After I cut my holes I hot glued the fabric onto the cardboard. Of course you can use any print you like but I just LOVE chevron right now! I spray painted some of the frames and left the others black. After they dried I glued on just the frame part over the edges of the hole and then assembled the back of the frames back on and placed the large cardboard piece inside of the large frame and VOILA! Cute and fashionable decor for only a few dollars! I only used a couple of dollars worth of my fabric, plus spent around $3 on spray paint, and $6 on the small frames! So this project only cost me about $10-$12 total! Pretty great considering if you bought something like these at a retail store there’s no telling what you would pay! Maybe $15 a piece for the two small ones and say $30 for the large one?! You’re looking at about 60 bucks if you buy this instead of doing it yourself! Just think of all of the other cute things you could spend your extra money on to decorate your room from what you save by doing it yourself! Good luck doing this yourself! It really was simple and fun!

~Amy Lou


Refrigerator REDO! Give it a Facelift!

Wow, today has been QUITE the day! I had gotten used to the lovely spring weather we have been having this week, with temps anywhere from the 50’s to the 70’s. That is my perfect kind of weather! HOWEVER, here in southern Missouri a cold front came back through so it has been SNOWING here all day! Needless to say, I am SICK of snow and cold so I did not see a reason why I should go outside for ANY reason! Instead I used this cold, dreary, but beautiful, day to get some cleaning and organization things knocked off of my list. And to make it even more amazing my baby girl did her mommy a favor and took a 4 AND A HALF HOUR NAP! Her naps are usually around 3 hours, give or take. So when it is a long one like this I love it because I get SO much more accomplished! Today was one of those days, so I got ALL of my kitchen cabinets completely gone through, wiped out, and reorganized better. I feel like a super hero right now! AND is it weird that I keep wanting to go into my kitchen and open the cabinet doors and just stand and admire my work?! Please tell me that isn’t weird….

Anywho, after I completed the cabinets, my sweetie pie was STILL sleeping so I decided the front of my fridge was looking pretty haphazard and messy. I figured while I had time I would do something about that since it would be a quick fix! Here is the lovely before photo… don’t judge…


My fridge had acquired quite the random collection. A CPR step by step chart for infants, a cherished photo, a note from my Momma, a hand made “World’s Best Babysitter” card, a few alphabet letters, and of course it’s all held on with random free advertisement magnets! Lol! Pretty tacky if I do say so myself…

So to fix this problem and beautify my fridge space a bit and cheer up my kitchen some more I went searching through the house to see what I had that I could use. I found  a few picture frames I wasn’t using, some magnet hangers in my craft stuff, and my calendar I hadn’t really found a good place for yet. Conveniently this worked out well for my calendar dilemma since I need it to help me keep track of when my bills are due and it has a section at the bottom that I use to write my grocery list and add to it as I notice things that we need. I really like having my calendar posted and actually seeing when I have a bill coming up and how much they are on a regular basis so I don’t forget. I used to just use the calendar on my phone but I didn’t see it regularly like this so I really prefer this a lot better! It is helping a lot with my staying organized plan.

Now that I found some things to use on my fridge I went to work on arranging what I had. Of course I put a couple of other pictures in the frames along with the one I already had on the fridge to begin with. After I figured out how I wanted my frames and calendar arranged by hanging them with the magnet hangers I had, I decided I wanted some color so I whipped out some more alphabet letters. Here is the end result-


I feel like my fridge is much more visually pleasing now to say the least! I hope I have inspired some of you to do some revamping of some of your cluttered spaces! If you decide to use this idea of using picture frames I found that it works better to take the glass out so it is lighter. Or you can get some cheaper and lighter frames that work well from the Dollar Store! The magnet hangers I got at Wal-Mart so they are also easy to find. This was such a cheap and easy way to redo my refrigerator and the look of my kitchen and I am so glad that I did! Here are the before and after pics again!

PicMonkey Collage2

I hope you enjoyed my redo idea! Thanks for reading!

~Amy Lou